Green Product Policy

Green Product Policy

Full compliance with the most stringent global standards
Implement green product production Strengthening the Green Supply Chain Obtained green product certification


In order to manufacture products that comply with international environmental protection regulations and customer green product requirements, and avoid pollution to the environment and harm to human health, FIBERTOP has established a set of non-use banned (restricted) substances, no mixing of banned (restricted) substances, and non-prohibited (restricted) substances. The hazardous substance management system of material pollution reduces the impact of the company's products on the environment, and thus fulfills the corporate social responsibility.

FIBERTOP not only implements the control of hazardous substances in the process of raw material purchase, product manufacturing, and transportation, but also guides suppliers and outsourced processors to join in the implementation, and work together to create a green product supply chain.

All FIBERTOP products have passed the green product certification required by customers such as ROHS, and the products produced have passed regular third-party impartial laboratory sampling tests to ensure compliance with EU regulations and customer control of hazardous substances.







Intellectual property, high-tech enterprise
Intellectual property, high-tech enterprise
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