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High Quality-Supply Chain




  Quality supply chain

FIBERTOPSFP has high-quality raw material supply channels to ensure product quality from the source.


Supply Chain System

FIBERTOPSFP develop a complete, standardized strict supply chain management systems.


Cooperation goals

Established a supplier management system aimed at win-win cooperation.




Industry-University-Research Partner

  • Industry-University-Research Partner
  • Xihua University School of Science originated in the year of 1971;
  • The college has a master's program for the first-level discipline of "Physics", a master's program for the second-level disciplines of "Applied Mathematics" and "Functional Materials Chemistry", and a key laboratory of "High Performance Scientific Computing" in Sichuan Province;
  • "Applied Physics" and "Chemistry" are school-level characteristic majors, and "Atomic and Molecular Physics", "Applied Mathematics" and "Organic Chemistry" are school-level key disciplines; there are "Physical Experiment Center" and "Chemical Experiment Center"2 A school-owned experimental center.
  • FiberTop R&D personnels have maintained a deep relationship with Xihua University School of Science for more than 20 years
Intellectual property, high-tech enterprise
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