Product Reliability

Product Reliability

Compatibility guarantee Performance reliability Custom tests Quality control system    
Each module of FIBERTOP has been tested in thelaboratory to ensure 100% compatibility, and OEM customized services are provided FIBERTOP laboratories use the latest network equipment to test the product performance and ensure the high reliability of the module. Our products can meet different customization requirements and provide you with reliable solutions for complex network application environments. The unique serial number management system helps toeasily track and identify products throughout the order process.    
Compatibility detection
Each module is 100% tested on the host equipment of the laboratory to ensure compatibility. The following are some of our network test equipment. With the expansion and combination of products, the equipment will be updated in real time.

Cisco Nexus N92304QC 40G SR4 Arista 7160-48YC6 10G-T Brocade ICX-6610 10G SR
HP 5900 series JG510A 40G ER4 Extreme Summit X670 10G SR Avaya 7024XLS 10G LR

Performance Test Center

Carry out comprehensive performance test with the most advanced network equipment.


TX/RX signal quality test Reliability and stability test
Transmission rate and protocol test Spectral evaluation
Custom Program Test

Each product can be tested in our professional laboratory to

meet the test requirements of a single project.



·Expected application encoding

·Switch environment test





Quality commitment

FIBERTOP focuses on the research and development of optical communication products, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products that meet international standards.


Intellectual property, high-tech enterprise
Intellectual property, high-tech enterprise
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