Difference Between PIN and APD

Difference Between PIN and APD

Feb 08, 2023


In response to customer demand for 1.25G SFP BIDI long-distance optical communication, we have launched the SFP BIDI 1490nm/1550nm 140KM optical module with APD solution. We use APD (Avalanche Photodiode) technology, which is more advantageous and stable than traditional PIN (Positive-Intrinsic-Negative) photodiodes.


First, let’s understand the difference between APD and PIN. A PIN photodiode is a photodiode that uses light radiation to enter the PN junction to generate current, thereby achieving photoelectric conversion.  APD is also a photodiode, but its structure has an enhanced ionosphere embedded in it, which converts the optical signal into an amplified current signal through the ionization effect. This built-in gain feature enables APDs to perform well over long distances.


So why did we choose APD?





  •  High sensitivity: APD has higher detection sensitivity than PIN. Its built-in gain mechanism can amplify weak optical signals, providing a better signal-to-noise ratio, allowing the signal to effectively penetrate long distances.


  • Long-distance transmission: SFP BIDI 1490nm/1550nm 140KM optical module adopts APD technology and can support transmission distances of up to 140 kilometers. This is critical to maintaining high-quality signal transmission in network applications that need to span large geographic areas.


  • Anti-optical loss: APD has higher sensitivity and signal gain, and can overcome the challenges caused by signal loss during optical fiber transmission. This means our optical modules provide consistent performance even over long distances.


Our SFP BIDI 1490nm/1550nm 140KM optical module provides you with reliable, high-performance long-distance optical communication solutions by selecting APD technology.

Thank you for reading about SFP BIDI 1490nm/1550nm 140KM optical module with APD.If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more details and solutions.

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